Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obama's Approval Ratings...So Why Not Trump?

"President Barack Obama’s approval rating and prospects for reelection have plunged to all-time lows in a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday. Half of the registered voters surveyed for the poll think that the president does not deserve a second term in office, while 41 percent say he does. In another Quinnipiac poll released just four weeks ago, 45 percent said the president did not deserve reelection, while 47 percent said he did." SOURCE)

And after the past few weeks of GOP hopefuls making the rounds and reading blog and OPed speculations on who could best capitalize on the messiah's decline...I have to ask you all...why not Trump?

When I posted his possible interest in running, the main concern here seemed to be that he had expressed interest before and not run. But what are the concerns beyond that? The only one I can really come up with is that I don't know his position on a few key issues --which could make his SCOTUS picks a huge downfall of a Trump run.

One of the many things peaking my interest is that Trump hasn't even fully made his case or given an official stump speech and he's polling within 2 points of Obama in a head to head match up. I want Obama to be ONE AND DONE.

I like his disgust with cheap imports overtaking our economy and his ability to disregard the PC police in talking about a "Muslim problem," not to mention his common sense approach to Birther-gate (once again showing no regard for what the liberal elite and Hollywood will say about him).

I don't like that he had such a problem with Bush, BUT I'd be okay with that if that dislike is purely based on fiscal issues... I also don't like that he voted for Obama. I can't find any excuse for a business man and entrepreneur voting for a socialist. So, he'll really have to explain that at length. Did he get caught up in Obamafever like so many others? The Donald has a lot of explaining to do---but I have to be honest, if he's serious about giving it 100%...he's a front runner in my mind.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Does The Left Think About Our Libyan Involvement?


Even when Obama's Right...He's Wrong

"Sometimes I like to stand back and just look at politics as a game of strategy...especially during the beginning of a presidential campaign season. Logic seems to get pretty twisted.

You might think we have no business getting involved in Libya. I expressed that opinion myself not too long ago. You might also think we had a moral imperative to intervene and prevent the slaughter of civilians. I can appreciate that viewpoint also. You might even be worried that the rebels could end up being worse than Libya's current dictator. Very possible.

But I have to say I'm truly amazed how many Republicans and conservative pundits are walking on both sides of the fence. Obama should have intervened sooner, Obama
shouldn't have intervened at all.

On one of the Fox shows tonight they were so desperate to drum up criticism they ended up just talking about how the president didn't use exactly the right words in his speech tonight. One of their idiots actually asked "how much longer are we going to be stuck in this war". Yeah, nine days is pretty rough.

I think time is quickly running out for Libya's leader. I guess when he's defeated, the Right Wingers will slam Obama for winning too quickly and too cheaply."

ALa says...
But, I'd like to turn that back around and point out that it's hard to talk about disparity without asking why I have heard nothing about these Army kill teams in the MSM? Have you seen the uncensored pictures that are being released and recall that the left said panties on the head made George Bush a war does cutting off fingers and decapitating not make Barack Obama a war criminal under that logic? Why isn't this plastered everywhere the way Abu Gharib was? Where is Cindy Sheehan?

It's Almost April and a Balmy 35° in Philly...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Black Panthers' Thoughts on Barack Obama...

Wow. You NEED to listen this. A glimpse into what we would never normally be privy to. Upsetting and disgusting really. I think this "Black Activist" uses the N-word and is more demeaning than the KKK.

(H/T: Pat Dollard)

And, you might as well watch this one while you're at it. A little levity about the serious issue of defunding NPR/PBS

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guest Post by Free0352

We're providing tactical and strategic air support to Al'Queda

Okay, I just became an anti-war activist.

Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi's regime.

That's right folks, the guy in the picture, the Libyan rebel leader, by his own admission, himself, personally recruited terrorists to fight Americans in Iraq, trained foreign fighters to go to Iraq, and has the blood of U.S. Soldiers and Marines on his hands.

Um, I think we're bombing the wrong side... I now hope these rebels loose, and I hope Qaddafi waits us out and kills every one of them. These are not our friends, these are our sworn enemy. Where's my protest sign, where's Michael Moore when you need him? I'll say it now, I wish we had George Bush back. He wasn't the best, but he'd never have got us into this mess.

Air strikes for global jihadists in support of a guy who was cooperating with the U.S. and hadn't done anything since 1988?! Are you fuck'n kidding me!? This is a worse case scenario. Not only have these Al'Queda operatives been able to capture hand held anti aircraft rockets from the Libyans, we likely are arming them directly.

We have GOT to get this war stopped! Qudaffi has WMD, if the rebels win... we're handing it to Al'Queda- and we'll see that mustard gas again... on our soil. This "Arab Spring" the left is talking about? I'm certain now it's really the rise of an Al'Queda Caliphate.

This is just a fuck'n nightmare, this is everything I joined the military to stop. I knew Obama would be a bad President, but I never saw this coming!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Why the Birther-Gate Debate Continues...

No, not because the birthers are "nutters" or racists. I think the birthers are just wishful thinkers that thought they found an easy solution to getting Obama out before he could work his socialist magic on the country. So, there's them.

Then there are the Obama faithful that blindly discredit anything even remotely anti-Obama and support him regardless of what the facts say.

That leaves the rest of the people invested in this debate. The ones that have a modicum of common sense. The ones that say, 'ya know, the man was most likely born here because there's a decent amount of documentation to support that, BUT why doesn't the Administration just produce the damn birth certificate so we can move on? Where's the friggin' birth certificate?! Put this to rest already so we can debate the real issues of the day.'

Many talk show hosts, both liberal and conservative, have had done entire shows on the possible reasons why the birth certificate is still dogging the president after all this time.
But alas, yesterday I heard THE BEST explanation as to why the debate persists. Any rational administration would just show the certificate...send a copy to each US household with their tax returns...right? Wrong. This administration is purposefully hoading the evidence. Why would they do that?

This debate is a perfect and highly effective distraction when needed. When Tea Party points start resonating with Democrats and when general unrest has set in with the public and the president's poll numbers drop --they can stir this up and paint the "birthers" as "nutters." They can say "see, the President's opposition is just a bunch of kooks that don't even think he's an American...cause he Black." It's the ace-in-the-hole redirection of attention for the administration. THEY are the only ones that could put this to rest and they could do it in mere seconds --but they CHOOSE not to.

For three years I have struggled to understand they Obama didn't wave the certificate under naysayers noses and this is the best explanation I've heard to date. I am not 100% sure, but I think it was FNC's Gretchen Carlson that alluded to this reason.

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“Genuine illegitimacy and incompetence and lack of qualification is on parade each and every day and this being locked out of the Oval Office, while hilarious, is one of the most accurate metaphors for where we are with this regime and where it is.”
~Rush Limbaugh

Thursday, March 24, 2011

WWJD: What Would Joe Do?

What would Vice President Joe Biden have done if "George Bush and Dick Cheney had bombed Iran?"

"I am not one, who if you've observed me for some time, I am not one who's engaged in excessive populist rhetoric. I'm not one that pits the rich against the poor. I'm not one who's gone out there and made false threats against presidents about, and god love him he's a great guy, I'm not Dennis Kucinich saying impeach everybody now. But let me tell you, I have written an extensive legal memorandum with the help of a group of legal scholars who are sort of a stable of people, the best-known constitutional scholars in America, because for 17 years I was chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

"I asked them to put together [for] me a draft, which I'm now literally riding between towns editing, that I want to make clear and submit to the Untied States Senate pointing out the president has no authority to unilaterally attack Iran. And I want to make it clear, I want it on the record, and I want to make it clear, if he does, as chairman of the foreign relations committee and former chair of the judiciary committee, I will move to impeach him."

So...I'm wondering, in light of the fact that there was no Congressional approval to bomb Libya, when are the impeachment proceedings going to begin?

Speaking of impeachment (which I bring up in jest to poke fun at the ever-present hypocrisy...not that I believe the current President should be ousted) did you see the clip of Trump on The View?

Why should he have to?! What do you mean why should he have to?! Yeah Whoopi, it's because he's Black... *sigh*

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And So It Begins...

"An explosion took place near a bus in central Jerusalem Wednesday afternoon.

Police said that a bomb exploded outside Egged bus number 74 at a station opposite the Jerusalem Conference Center (Binyanei Ha'uma) in the center of town.

Magen David Adom relayed that there were 25 people injured. Three people were seriously injured. Israeli media reported that two of those were in critical condition...' (source)

***Also, Savage claims to have a previously undisclosed list of the group travelling with President Obama in Brazil.***

First Step in DADT Repeal Begins

“Situation,” the vignette being distributed to military commanders begins. “You are the Executive Officer of your unit. While shopping at the local mall over the weekend, you observe two junior male Marines in appropriate civilian attire assigned to your unit kissing and hugging in the food court.

“Issue: Standards of Conduct. Is this within standards of personal and professional conduct?”

The answer to Marines: “If the observed behavior crosses acceptable boundaries as defined in the standards of conduct for your unit and the Marine Corps, then an appropriate correction should be made. Your assessment should be made without regard to sexual orientation.”

In another scenario outlined in the Marine material, a lesbian Marine approaches her platoon sergeant and states “she can no longer tolerate her heterosexual roommate.”

The answer: “The Platoon Sergeant must take a very active and positive leadership approach with a focus on conflict resolution and professional obligations to uphold the policy.”


What I'm wondering --aside from how much is all this sensitivity training costing US tax payers-- is it possible to judge heterosexuals and homosexuals by the same standard of conduct when it comes to sex and relationships?

Protest Sign

Monday, March 21, 2011

Libya et al

“December 20, 2007

"The president does not have the power under The Constituio­n to unilaterll­y authorize a military attack in a situation that does not invole stopping and auctual or imminate threat to the nation."

-Senator Barck H. Obama”

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Revisiting Obama's Campaign Promises

The list that follows is just a sampling of the campaign and Presidential promises Obama has broken. Truthfully, I didn't even realize he had proposed many of them...yearly "State of the World address?!" As someone that believes strongly in strict limitations of government's power...I am glad that most of these promises haven't come to fruition, but the bombing of Libya must be picking at open wounds for many of the uber-lefties that put Barack in the oval office.

  • Close GITMO: F

  • Walk with picketers when collective bargaining rights are threatened: F

  • Expand the child and dependent care credit: F

  • End income tax for seniors making less than $50,000: F

  • Repeal Bush's "Tax cuts for the rich:" F

  • Phase out exemptions and deductions for "the rich:" F

  • Forbid companies in bankruptcy from giving executives bonuses: F

  • Allow imported prescription drugs: F

  • Double the Peace Corps: F

  • Allow five days of public comment before signing bills: F

  • Tougher rules against revolving door for lobbyists and former officials: F

  • Urge states to treat same-sex couples with full equality in their family and adoption laws: F

  • Limit term of director of national intelligence: F

  • Give annual "State of the World" address: F

  • Create cap and trade system with interim goals to reduce global warming: F

  • No family making less than $250,000 will see "any form of tax increase.": F

  • Negotiate health care reform in public sessions televised on C-SPAN: F

  • Introduce a comprehensive immigration bill in the first year: F

  • Pull troops from Iraq: F

  • Start no new wars: F

  • (source)

    Friday, March 18, 2011

    Guest From the Left: J. Marquis

    The Cost of War

    I will admit I (like most people) thought we should go to Afghanistan in 2001. I (like most people) failed to remember what the history books said about what happened to other military powers when they chose to invade that desolate, backward country.

    Is this is a war that can actually be won?

    Or is it just an endless misadventure that will continue to end American lives and waste hundreds of billions of American tax dollars?

    We need to have an honest discussion about this during the upcoming presidential campaign. I've heard enough doubletalk from generals and politicians (including the
    president) who are so scared of looking wimpy they'd choose instead to just keep us trapped in this dusty quagmire.

    Ending The Afghan War Would Save Taxpayers 40,000 Times More Money Than Defunding NPR

    (You can read J. Marquis daily at Major Conflict)

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    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    A Legend and a HERO

    First, we had the opportunity to meet a Philadelphia legend yesterday. Bob 'The Hound' Kelly. He scored the winning goal of the 1975 Stanley Cup finals game against the Sabres... the last time Lord Stanley's cup saw fit to stay on Broad Street. He is now one of the Flyers' Ambassadors of Hockey with fellow Stanley Cup ring bearer, Bernie Parent.

    As for the HERO. Originally, when I cam across this story, I sent it to Jpck. But then I started thinking that it's not just the story of a hockey player or a marine...but the story of sacrifice and a hero that everyone should read:

    Ben Stafford: From Hockey Player to Marine

    'It's unlikely other American soldiers in Iraq have taken a route even remotely similar to that of former Flyers farmhand Ben Stafford.

    In about two years, Stafford, a 21st-century Renaissance man who graduated from Yale with a history degree, went from pro hockey player to medical school student to Marine.

    Q: What attracted you to the Marines?
    A: Initially, it was their commitment to being the best and to going to places that our country sees fit to send them. I have had a lot of opportunities in my life, and I felt that if other young men were giving their time, then why was the same not expected of me?

    I felt, and still feel, strongly about our mission in Iraq. But most of all, I wanted to lead Marines, who have proven to me that they are the finest young men this country has to offer.

    Q: What do you plan to do with your life when you return home?
    A: I will have at least one more deployment after this one, and whether I stay in the Marine Corps after that will depend on a number of factors.

    Stafford remains in contact with several of his former teammates, including goaltender Antero Niittymaki.

    However, I'm not sure there is a better group of people to surround oneself with than Marines, and that is something that is going to be tough to let go of if I do decide to serve my four years and then become a civilian again.

    That said, I have always thought that hockey players tend to be good people, probably due to values instilled in them by growing up playing a game that required them to rely heavily on others for their success and well-being. I think there is a sense of humility that is fostered by this, even among the most elite players, but I can't prove the link.

    Read the entire interview. Someone that gave up the fame and salary of an NHL career in a time of war to serve their country. Inspiring to say the very least...

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    Obama's Second March Madness Faux Pas

    Remember this time last year when we were talking about the press giving Barry a pass on misspelling Syracuse?

    Well, Obama is making march madness news again...just by playing. I could weigh in on this 1,000 different ways (maybe he too is using sports to forget about what a bad President he's been...), but I couldn't say it better than John Lillpop:

    "Among the many challenges facing BHO, the following issues make the daily routine in the Oval Office sheer drudgery for an in-over-his-head community organizer:

    •Budget and deficit crisis,
    •Threat of government shutdown,
    •Nuclear meltdown in Japan,
    •Conflicts in Libya, elsewhere in Middle East, Africa, and
    •Soaring gasoline prices, possible threat to economic recovery.

    Despite having all of that on his plate, the president is voluntarily taking on new and important responsibilities.

    Specifically, Barack Obama is taking time out from his intense schedule to attend to a subject near and dear to the American people: College basketball.

    Also known as “March Madness,” America’s obsession with college hoops slips into mindless hysteria this time of year, afflicting millions of Americans, apparently including Barack Obama, allegedly.

    Notwithstanding his legendary power and fame, President Obama is taping his picks for the NCAA finals today, and they’ll be revealed tomorrow on ESPN." (Read the entire article)

    Great Start to Combating the NEA

    This has a lot of information it. I hope not too much for (non-political) people to really listen to. It's damning and poignant. I am wondering if anyone has seen this running on stations other than FNC where they're preaching to the choir...? I already find the unions (especially the NEA)scary, so this was a chilling affirmation...

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    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    Burying My Head in the Ice

    I've always been put off by sports guys. Not a guy that likes his city's teams, but will still go to the mall with you if a game's on...but the ones that watch any team, any game and of any sport. The ones that shoosh you or treat their women bad for the rest of the day when their team loses. Sorry, the ones that watch college teams. Those guys.

    But, the Obama presidency has given me a deeper understanding of these over-sportsed men.

    (Wives and girlfriends of these men stop reading now...)

    You hate your lives - or aspects of them anyway. (See, now I have your attention!) Seriously though, it's obviously an escape. All your anger and frustrations can be directed at said team and not at the choices you've made.

    I say this because I have been doing the same thing.

    I have always loved the Flyers. I went to a few games here and there each season and watched games when I remembered they were playing. But now... I can't get enough.

    I'm so absolutely depressed by the country around me that I have wrapped my head in orange and black so I don't have to see Washington DC. I have gone from watching the Flyers to watching any game that's on. Cheering for teams that will knock out the teams that could pose a threat to us.

    I have even toyed with shutting the doors of Blonde Sagacity to write for the Bleacher Report (where there is a glaring lack of female writers...)

    It's easier. It's easier to cheer the good guys and boo the bad guys for three 20 minutes periods than to sit and watch what's really going on around me. To face the fact that, as much as I agree with Governor Scott Walker, what went down in WI may have given the unions and Obama's 2012 campaign the legs they needed to push off strong...

    So for now have patience with me while I indulge myself in the realm of avoidance--you men have hogged it much too long. For now I'm content with sticking my head in the ice. Once the playoffs are over and 2012 GOP candidates are announced...I'll come back to the real world... maybe.

    That being said, I don't think you'll catch me watching football or baseball any time soon...

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    No Looting in Japan

    "...And solidarity seems especially strong in Japan itself. Perhaps even more impressive than Japan’s technological power is its social strength, with supermarkets cutting prices and vending machine owners giving out free drinks as people work together to survive. Most noticeably of all, there has been no looting...

    This is quite unusual among human cultures, and it’s unlikely it would be the case in Britain. During the 2007 floods in the West Country abandoned cars were broken into and free packs of bottled water were stolen. There was looting in Chile after the earthquake last year – so much so that troops were sent in; in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina saw looting on a shocking scale.

    Why do some cultures react to disaster by reverting to everyone for himself, but others – especially the Japanese – display altruism even in adversity?' (source)

    With a sister-in-law-to-be still waiting in Japan for her fiance VISA from the US to come through...Japan has been heavy in our hearts and minds the past few days. She is in Tokyo and thus far rattled but physically okay.

    This morning The Man and I were talking about possible reasons the Japanese weren't looting. Perhaps the culture has no sense of entitlement because the Democracy is fairly new?

    Personally, I won't drive over the yellow parking lines in a parking lot or go through a red light at 2 in the morning with not a soul to be I'm pretty sure looting isn't in my personal makeup. But why? Was it something my parents instilled or just fear of punishment? What makes the Japanese people more...cultured?...well behaved?...decent?...than those in other countries? Something worth examining as the economy continues to spiral downward here.

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    Friday, March 11, 2011

    Town Must Pay for Union Member's Coffee et al

    "A Connecticut town must provide their union workers free coffee and milk, according to a ruling from the State Board of Labor Relations.

    The board also ordered town leaders to reinstate “Dress Down Fridays” for the union clerical and custodial workers.

    The dispute involved the town of Orange and the local chapter of the United Public Service Employees Union..." (SOURCE)

    This. is. why. you. are. bankrupting. this. country.

    The MSM, Michael Moore and Bill Maher have done a great job of painting Scott Walker (and other Governor's struggling to deal with astronomical bills and no money) as fat cat villains poised to destroy the little guy...


    SO MANY of my friends' small businesses have been devastated by the same unions that claim to represent the little people. They don't care about the little people unless they are lining their coffers and buying their Swedish Au pairs and boats... They are driving up prices, driving down productivity and trying to rob the American entrepreneur a chance to make his dreams come to fruition. They are a cancer on the free market system and many other working class/middle class people I know feel (and vote) the same way. And I'm more and more convinced that the ones that don't, don't really get it...

    (I hate that the Police & fireman are throwing in with these pro-Mumia, anti-cop lefty groups...but like I just said, the ones that don't despise it...apparently just don't get it...)

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    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    Allen West, Chris Christie, and Scott Walker

    These are the three Conservatives that rose above the rest in a recent polling done at Right Wing News.

    As the headlines scream "Chaos in Wisconsin" and demonize Governor Scott Walker, the poll shows that ZERO PERCENT of the Conservatives polled dislike him. 0%. Over half "strongly like" him. Talk about a country divided.

    Also with no strong dislikes was Col. Allen West (almost 77% strongly like him) and Chris Christie (50% strongly like him).

    Yet, the GOP continues to push Mitt Romney as the heir apparent despite the fact that the poll shows only 3% 'strongly likes' him (who are you?) and over 55% don't like him.

    It's no surprise that Ms. McCain topped the least liked list with a whopping 93.8%.

    You can find all the people polled, the people that were rated and the sometimes surprising data at Right Wing News.

    New Flyer Says 'No Thanks' to White House Invite

  • "Thanks but no thanks.

    That’s the message Kris Versteeg politely delivered when he was invited to meet U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday at the White House, where the 2010 Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks will be honoured.

    “I’m on a team (the Flyers) that might play (the Blackhawks) again. Who knows?” Versteeg said." (source)

    Lovin' him.

  • Can you believe we're coming up on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Here's a clip you probably haven't seen:

  • Wednesday, March 09, 2011

    My Gift to the Male Readers...

    So, staring at women's breasts promotes a healthy heart... What I'm wondering is where the found guys to participate in the study that DON'T stare at women's breasts...?

    Tuesday, March 08, 2011

    Is This Actually Fraud?

    Legally? No, I'm not joining the impeachment crowd...More important than that. I'm just wondering --Does fraud nullify the Obamacare bill, the way it would other legal documents?

    "In her first appearance before the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee since the health-care law passed, Kathleen Sebelius responded to a line of questioning by Republican Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois about whether $500 billion in Medicare cuts were used to sustain the program or pay for the law.

    “There is an issue here on the budget because your own actuary has said you can’t double-count,” said Shimkus. “You can’t count — they’re attacking Medicare on the CR when their bill, your law, cut $500 billion from Medicare.”

    He continued: “Then you’re also using the same $500 billion to what? Say your funding health care. Your own actuary says you can’t do both. […] What’s the $500 billion in cuts for? Preserving Medicare or funding the health-care law?

    Sebelius’ reply? “Both.”

    The Obama administration and HHS have been criticized previously for double-counting. In a report last summer, HHS claimed a provision in the health-care law would extend the Medicare trust fund by 12 years. The Congressional Budget Office released a memo that said HHS’s math was more than a little off...." (SOURCE)

    And, where are all the union members protesting about this? They reluctantly threw their support behind a bill that had trumped up numbers?

    Caption It...

    Monday, March 07, 2011

    Threat Level Highest Since 9/11 ~Janet Napolitano

    "Deputy national security Denis McDonough said, "When it comes to preventing violent extremism and terrorism in the United States, Muslim Americans are not part of the problem, you're part of the solution." (SOURCE)


    "Attorney General Eric Holder told ABC News in an exclusive interview today that he is increasingly concerned about Americans becoming radicalized and turning to terrorism. I mean, that's one of the things that's particularly troubling: This whole notion of radicalization of Americans," Holder said. (SOURCE)


    Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., is facing a backlash, including a Sunday protest in New York, over his decision to hold Thursday's hearing -- the first in a series -- on the threat of Islamic radicalization. King said he's surprised the American-Muslim community is not embracing his hearings because they are the ones most victimized when radical elements infiltrate their communities.

    "I've said time and again the overwhelming [majority] of Muslims are good Americans, but the threat is coming from their community and we have to find out why, how it is being done and how to stop it," he told Fox News. "We have an absolute obligation to investigate that."(SOURCE)

    -AND NOW-

    "Muslims, activists from leftist organizations, community leaders and celebrities in New York City demonstrated in Times Square on Sunday to protest a Congressional hearing on radicalization of U.S. Muslims and the creation of homegrown and "lone wolf" terrorists.

    Ironically, the Times Square protest was held at the scene of last year's attempt to bomb the busy theater district using a carload of explosives. The bomber was a radical Muslim with ties to cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki who advocates violence against the U.S. and Israel. Al-Awlaki specializes in recruiting angry, disturbed or disenfranchised young Muslims for terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda." (SOURCE)

    Sunday, March 06, 2011

    The Catholic Church & The Labor Unions

    "Catholic Archbishop Jerome Listecki of Milwaukee – speaking as President of the Wisconsin Catholic Conference – issued a defense of workers’ right to organize and bargain collectively. The WCC “Statement Regarding the Rights of Workers and the Value of Unions” was released on February 16.

    Among other assertions, Archbishop Listecki's statement declares:

    The Church is well aware that difficult economic times call for hard choices and financial responsibility to further the common good… But hard times do not nullify the moral obligation each of us has to respect the legitimate rights of workers...

    ...Governments, for reasons of economic utility, often limit the freedom or the negotiating capacity of labour unions. Hence traditional networks of solidarity have more and more obstacles to overcome. The repeated calls issued within the Church's social doctrine, beginning with Rerum Novarum, for the promotion of workers' associations that can defend their rights must therefore be honoured today even more than in the past.
    (Read the entire statement here)

    I have an about ALL the Catholic churches in Wisconsin sell off each and every golden calf giant golden cross, Jesus and Mary statue and Big golden vase and pillar in all of their parishes to make up for the lack of state funds for the teachers' pensions.

    THEN, in addition, they could stop charging parishioners for performing funerals, Christenings and freeing relatives from some limbo that doesn't even exist in the Bible.

    *crickets* No? They won't do that? Yeah. Didn't think so.

    Don't look at me...they started it.

    Saturday, March 05, 2011

    Yankee VS Dixie

    You Are 100% Yankee, 0% Dixie

    You're so Yankee, it's possible you've never even been to the South!

    I am indeed 100% Yankee, BUT I do migrate South every year. In fact my oceanfront Kitty Hawk, NC escape is already booked...Is it August yet?

    Friday, March 04, 2011

    Obama To "Tackle the Racial Divide?" -MSNBC 3/08

    I hope this doesn't get missed (since it's at end of a three page article...):

    "In May 2010, [President Obama] told guests at a private White House dinner that race was probably a key component in the rising opposition to his presidency from conservatives, especially right-wing activists in the anti-incumbent "Tea Party" movement that was then surging across the country. Many middle-class and working-class whites felt aggrieved and resentful that the federal government was helping other groups, including bankers, automakers, irresponsible people who had defaulted on their mortgages, and the poor, but wasn't helping them nearly enough, he said.

    A guest suggested that when Tea Party activists said they wanted to "take back" their country, their real motivation was to stir up anger and anxiety at having a black president, and Obama didn't dispute the idea. He agreed that there was a "subterranean agenda" in the anti-Obama movement—a racially biased one—that was unfortunate. But he sadly conceded that there was little he could do about it." (SOURCE)

    So much for "tackling the racial divide" in this country... and I hope this is a poliical 2012 statement and not that he really doesn't get it after all this time...

    Guest Post from Philly Firefighter, Captain America



    Ed Rendell was Chris Christie, and Scott Walker long before these guys were in office. Michael Nutter has tried to BREAK THE FIREFIGHTERS UNION IN PHILADELPHIA. That is UNPRECEDENTED! Yet where is the occupation of Philadelphia city hall? Where is the national media painting a picture of our plight? Nowhere! Instead we are portrayed as greedy overtime whores while fire companies close and kids die. Pretty disgusting stuff. Read this excerpt:

    “He believed very strongly that he could make a difference in Philadelphia,” says David Cohen, Rendell’s chief of staff. “But it wasn’t an easy decision to make. The press had written his political obituary in 1990. If he was mentioned at all, it was in the ‘washed-up’ category, not the I it ‘shining lights’ category.”

    But what Philadelphia residents needed was tough love, and Rendell was the only candidate in 1991 to give it to them. “I was determined to tell people what I planned to do,” he told the New York Times. “If they didn’t want it, I was reconciled to not winning.”

    His 68-percent-of-the-vote victory was all the validation he needed. Rendell set about his economic fix with the zeal of one given a last shot at immortality. He slashed spending to the bone, eliminated nearly 1,500 city jobs (7 percent of the workforce) and instituted one of the most massive competitive contracting programs the country has ever seen. So far, the city has subjected 37 different city services, including custodial work, maintenance services and security at its art museum, to its competitive contracting program. Thirty-three of the services have been contracted out; four were won by the municipal workforce.

    Additionally, when it looked like state funding for child welfare services might be cut, Rendell threatened to sue then-governor Bob Casey.

    Most importantly, however, Rendell took on the unions. Less than a year into his first term, the mayor offered city workers a contract that would freeze wages for almost three years and cut benefits. “What he did was not easy,” Cohen says. “But not a single municipal worker got laid off, and there were no pay cuts. He cut benefits, but Philadelphia workers still have among the best pension and benefits plans in the country. I think the average municipal worker wasn’t that upset that he lost Flag Day as a holiday. In fact, it might have been embarrassing, being the only guy on the block who had Flag Day off.”

    The unions, predictably, struck. Rendell fought back, taking his case to the citizens. Without public support, the strike lasted 16 hours. LINK

    Let’s cross out Ed Rendell and replace it Chris Christie… anyone??? These two are so similiar it is scary right down to their weight issues. However their treatment by the media is ENTIRELY OPPOSITE. Go figure.

    (You can read Captain America daily at First In!)

    Caption It...

    Thursday, March 03, 2011

    Westboro Baptist Church Prevails

    As despicable as their actions are, ruling against them would have meant there were places outside, on public roads and streets, in the United States that free speech was limited. There was no way SCOTUS could do that. I was even having trouble wrapping my head around it...

    "The court, citing the First Amendment, ruled 8-1 in favor of Westboro Baptist Church, a small, Topeka, Kan.-based group that has staged incendiary anti-gay protests at military funerals.

    Jimmie L. Foster, the American Legion's national commander, in a written statement said he and his fellow legionnaires "appreciate the sanctity of freedom of speech" but are "very disappointed that any American would believe it appropriate to express such sentiments as those expressed by the Westboro Baptist Church, especially at the funeral of an American hero who died defending the very freedoms this church abuses."

    Westboro attorney and church member Margie Phelps, who argued the case at the Supreme Court, said she expected the outcome. "We read the law. We follow the law. The only way for a different ruling is to shred the First Amendment," she said.

    Justice Samuel Alito dissented. Alito said Westboro members have countless ways to express their belief that the deaths of U.S. soldiers are God's way of punishing the nation for its tolerance of homosexuality.

    "It does not follow, however, that they may intentionally inflict severe emotional injury on private persons at a time of intense emotional sensitivity by launching vicious verbal attacks that make no contribution to public debate," Alito wrote.

    Roberts said free speech rights of the First Amendment shield the funeral protesters,9 noting that they obeyed police directions and were 1,000 feet from the church..."

    Now that I've seen them in real life --I know how insignificant they are-- what a joke they are and how small and petty. They've gotten way too much attention. Make sure the motorcycle groups (yay Patriot Riders!) keep shielding the families and use it as an opportunity to exercise YOUR free speech on a public street!

    Will We See Tim Thomas at a Tea Party?

    Tim Thomas, ├╝ber goalie of the Boston Bruins, traded out his old helmet for a spiffy new white one. What seems to have gone widely unnoticed by Beantown's faithful is that he also ditched two Bruin's symbols and replaced them with two very Patriotic symbols. On the front of the mask there's an "In God we Trust" seal and on the back--the Gadsden flag symbol. Hmmmm. Are Bostonians this unobservant or just in denial? Can't bear to think of their preeminent netminder as a possible right-winger?

    Could the Bruins' Tank be a Tea Partier? You know what would make it even better than just being from union-college left Boston if he was...? He's originally from Flint, Michigan! :)

    Sully is our resident Bruins' fan...wonder if the Boston press has noticed this?

    A great Thomas moment -comes out of the crease after Sean Avery.

    And while we're giving kudos to other teams (you know it kills me...), Jpck's boy (Jonathan Quick of the LA Kings) has a very cool helmet too:

    Wednesday, March 02, 2011

    Does Marriage Need to be Defended?

    I'm sure everyone's seen someone "like" this on Facebook:

    "So let me get this straight - Larry King is getting his 8th divorce, Elizabeth Taylor is possibly getting married for a 9th time, Britney Spears had a 55 hour marriage. Jesse James and Tiger Woods are screwing EVERYTHING, yet the idea of same-sex marriage is going to destroy the institution of marriage?? Really? REALLY??"

    And, as many of you know, I vacillate with my feelings about gay marriage/civil unions and DOMA.

    Legally I disagree with DOMA because, like abortion, this should be a state-by-state issue. I also agree that for the federal government to give one set of people legal rights that others aren't afforded is wrong.

    That being said, as I watched the latest episode of Big Love last night, I couldn't help but wonder about the age-old slippery slope questions:

    What would gay marriage advocates say to the polygamists? And to the 37 year old man and 15 year old girl that swear their love is pure and real? To the first cousins that are willing to throw genetics to the wind? To the 35 year old teacher that wants to marry her 16 year old student?

    What would those that don't believe marriage needs to be defined say to these lovers? Why is two men any better than a man and three loving wives?

    Inevitably we're forced back to the cliche question... Where does it end?

    Guest From the Left: J. Marquis

    Brave New World

    Time for some truth about what's going on in Wisconsin.

    This isn't just some math problem. This is a carefully scripted plan, the first salvo in a nationwide campaign to destroy public sector unions. Then when they're gone,the GOP and Tea Party will go after the remaining private sector unions. And then there won't be anybody left to stand up against corporate rule.

    This is exactly what Naomi Klein described in her book "The Shock Doctrine". Conservatives have started using "catastrophes" as cover for making radical changes
    that would never be allowed to take place otherwise.

    Want to invade Iraq? Scare everybody to death after 9-11. Want to take away collective bargaining? Make public unions the bad guy in a state where two thirds of the corporations pay NOTHING.

    Think I'm being paranoid? Wisconsin governor Scott Walker's second largest campaign donation came from the Koch Brothers.

    Check out the interviews with the Tea Party folks at the bottom of this article. Now they're starting say corporations shouldn't have to pay ANY taxes.

    (You can read J. Marquis daily at: Major Conflict)

    Caption It...

    Tuesday, March 01, 2011

    $$$ Gas Prices $$$

    Here in Philly we're at $3.29 a gallon, but Charlie Sheen seems to be the only thing on the news.

    Is it just me, or do you have the feeling that if there was a Republican currently in the Oval Office gas prices would be lead in and above the crease in every news medium out there?

    Once again the MSM seems to be sparing Obama the blame for rising prices a the pump. There is a piece in the NYT Blog today, but it addresses the issue while deftly reminding the reader that Republicans were for off-shore drilling and drilling caused the BP oil spill...

    "As the Gulf oil slick recedes from memories, some coastal politicians have urged a return to increased drilling as part of an effort to help the Gulf economy recover.

    That message has not yet become part of the larger national conversation about the economy. But at $4 a gallon, a 15-gallon fill-up at the station would cost $60, an expensive proposition for voters who are already struggling economically. If prices soar to $5 — which some observers say is possible — a tank of gas would be $75.

    At that rate, even the BP oil spill might not be enough to quell the “Drill baby drill” chants." source)

    Bad Journalism

    The reason I stopped (or should I say ONE of the reasons I stopped) watching Oprah was because whenever she had a notable guest, there were major questions that remained unanswered when the interview was done.

    I thought about that annoying phenomenon in journalism as I read one of many articles this morning about the protests in Madison. Helen Thomas might be a hard-to-look-at totally biased lefty reporter...but she never leaves questions unasked. Regardless of how uncomfortable or unpopular they are to ask.

    I don't know how many of you are familiar with Tom Morello, guitarist of Rage Against the Machine? Well, he had this to say about the WI protests against Governor Scott Walker:

    "Morello told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that he is a firm believer in grassroots political activism. "I think that any real, progressive, substantive, radical or revolutionary change for the better that's ever happened in our country has happened because people whose names are not on the ballot, whose names you do not read about in history books, gather together, organize and struggle to make their lives, their community and their country better," he said. (source

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind? The first thing that should have come to this interviewer's mind? THE TEA PARTY.

    The Tea Party fits his description of grassroots, political activism and what would have actually made this an interesting piece would be to get his take on the Tea parties given this previous statement and seeing how he could talk away around this statement should he have negative things to say about the Tea Party...

    I know making comparisons gets tiresome, but I really am fed up with Conservatives defending our beliefs and past quotes ad nauseum while the Left can say anything they want (including Bush is for rape -Cameron Diaz on Oprah) and never being taken to task for any of it...