Thursday, February 03, 2011

Maybe Things Aren't Worse Today...

Given that we are a hockey family, an acquaintance couldn't believe we had never seen 'Slapshot.' A 1977 Paul Newman movie about a struggling minor league hockey team that resorts to on-ice fighting in the form of the Hanson Brothers.

The movie was actually available for streaming on Netflix (which never seems to happen) and though it was rated 'R' I didn't really think twice about letting the boys all watch it. I mean it was made in 1977 and was about bad could it be?

The answer is bad. They used the P and C words throughout the entire film. They constantly talk about "fags" and "dykes" and the various acts they perform. There were uncomfortably long gratuitous naked boob scenes. And some phrases that I can't even pretty up to put here.

I realize it was my fault. It WAS rated R after all... But I guess I bought into the whole 'things are getting worse' way of thinking and just figured an R movie from the '70's would be like a PG or PG-13 movie now. Wrong.

That being said, if you're not watching it with your 10 and 12 year old's a pretty funny movie...

Speaking of hockey...I will be at the Philadelphia Flyers VS. Nashville Predators game tonight (is there ice in Nashville?) and it's Bobby Clarke banner night! Thanks to The Man for the best early Valentine's Day present ever! :)

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