Friday, February 11, 2011

Donald Trump 2012

With an appearance at CPAC under his belt and a trip to Iowa in the works, it seems pretty certain The Donlad is gearing up for a 2012 run at the White House.

A few years back, in the thick of Philadelphia's pay to play corruption at the hands of former Mayor Street (D), a guy named Sam Katz (R) ran. He was definitely a fiscal conservative and a social liberal (and a millionaire if I remmeber correctly). But most importantly, he was a MONEY MAN and that was just what Philly needed. He lost of course. Philadelphia is still one of the few cities left that votes purely on race. Unfortunately for Philadelphia, Sam Katz was white.

Donald Trump is a similar in makeup to Sam Katz (though Mr. Katz's personal life wasn't quite so colorful). A fiscal conservative and social liberal. But a money man. A man that demands respect in the business world.

Isn't that what the country needs? Someone that puts money above all else until our fiscal house is in order and then we can tackle the other issues. I have no doubt Trump would be tough on terror...I think...

Anyway, each time one of these possibilities has cropped up I've loved (and been immensley informed) but all of your input. We have a tough road in 2012. To find someone that inspires and someone that is truly capable of leading. AND can beat Obama (you know the lefties will be out in FULL FORCE to keep The One in office).

If he presents as a serious candidtae, The Donald in 2012?

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