Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Democracy = The Muslim Brotherhood?

So, now that I've read a bit more and listened more...I have decided that I think true democracy in the Middle East is a pipe dream. I know it's in our nature as Americans to want to help when we see people crying for equality and democracy in the streets (though, for me that comes only after I get over the disgust of the parading around of corpses...)

BUT, can Islam and Democracy actually co-exist?

I can see it now...

America, in it's wonderfully just and altruistic way, will support these democracy-seeking corpse carriers as they overthrow one of the only stable regimes in the ME and they will turn out to be just another al Qaeda-minded group of zealots. Did you know that the head of Chicago's CAIR chapter is amongst the protesters?

The other day I said I didn't really have any feelings about the matter...and then I heard that the protesters had a name: The Muslim Brotherhood.

So, yeah, I think my vote is with Mubarak. He kept corpses from the streets for a pretty long time.

"Some Muslim clerics are already calling the riots in Egypt simply an extension of 1979's Islamist conquests..."

And, we seem to forget that ISLAMIC DEMOCRACY isn't Western Democracy. These people would be going from bad to worse.

Islamic democracy refers to two kinds of democratic states that can be recognized in the Islamic countries. The basis of this distinction has to do with how comprehensively Islam is incorporated into the affairs of the state.[1]

1.A democratic state which recognizes Islam as state religion, such as Malaysia, Pakistan or Algeria. Maldives are examples of Islamic Democracy. Some religious values are incorporated into public life, but Islam is not the only source of law.
2.A democratic state which endeavours to institute Sharia. It is also called as Islamist democracy.[1] Islamist democracy offers more comprehensive inclusion of Islam into the affairs of the state." (SOURCE)

If you missed it last night, you can watch Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly debate the situation here.

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