Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Cure for Baldness?

Though, in my opinion, men worry more about going bald than women care about it... A cure might finally be a reality...

Years ago a well respected endocrinologist told me he believed male baldness was caused by a hormone imbalance (i.e. an abundance of testosterone). He said (and I quote), "Aren't the bald men you know the horniest men you know?" And indeed they are. So, personally, I've always seen baldness as a bit of a male badge of honor. Like a sign that reads, 'I have much more male hormone than full head of hair guy.' I'd take Jason Statham over Matt Damon every day of the week...

So, I don't know if this new development lends credence to my doctor's hypothesis or not...

"Scientists at UCLA and the Department of Veterans Affairs were working with genetically altered mice that typically develop head-to-tail baldness as a result of overproducing a stress hormone.

The experiment wasn't focused on hair loss. Instead, it was designed to study a chemical compound that blocks the effects of stress on the gut. The researchers treated the bald mice for five days with the compound and then returned them to the cages, where they scampered about with several furry mice from a control group.

Three months later, the scientists went back to the cage to conduct additional experiments. They were surprised by what they saw inside -- all of the mice had full heads and backs of hair. The once-bald mice, eventually identified through ear tags, were indistinguishable from their normal, furry cage mates.

Dr. Million Mulugeta, co-director of the preclinical stress biology program at UCLA, said he looked inside the cage and at first wondered why the bald mice weren't there.

"We went back to our data log, and we realized all the mice had grown hair. It was a totally unexpected finding," he said." (SOURCE)

Wellbutrin instead of Rogaine for hair loss...?

And if this is false hope? Bald man take heart...your buddies are much harder on your challenged follicles than we women are. Wear your testosterone proudly! :)

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