Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Antibiotics = Abortion Pill?

"A pregnant Colorado woman may lose her baby all because of a drug mix-up.

At her sixth week of pregnancy, Mareena Silva says she went to pick up an antibiotic prescription from a pharmacy in Ft. Lupton, but was given an abortion pill by mistake.

A Safeway pharmacist gave her methotrexate, which is used to treat cancer or terminate pregnancies.

Silva says she felt nauseous and her doctor told her to try to throw the medicine up. She was later rushed to an area hospital, where doctors used charcoal in an attempt to absorb the drug.

It's not clear what will happen now." (SOURCE)

I REALLY don't want to cast any aspersions here, but WHAT?

The pharmacy gave her someone else's drug and she didn't even have the same name or birth date? She didn't have to give them an insurance card and sign a electronic statement that you received the meds... I know here in PA you do. Geez, we have to practically submit FBI clearance just to get some Advil Cold & Sinus. And then when she got home she didn't glance at the bottle to see how she was instructed to take it? She's pregnant and she's just going to pop some antibiotics into her mouth without reading the dosage protocol? And she never wondered why there was only a few pills instead of like 14? The drug she was given, Methotrexate, is normally taken 3-4 pills in one day. So how did she know to take them all (at once!) if she didn't look at the bottle?

This is one of those stories that you feel guilty questioning because if it is all true it's too horrific to comprehend --but there is just too much that screams red flag here for my liking... I hope I'm wrong about my bad feeling...

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