Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sorry Egypt, Sympathy Fatigue

I can't seem to muster up any feelings for what's going on in Egypt --and my only real thought during the 24/7 coverage has been, 'Thank God that I was born here...thank GOD I live in a country where the thought of parading through the streets with a dead body is unheard of even in the worst and poorest parts of the country!'

This is an email from a friendly lefty that used to come around these parts of the blog'o'sphere...RBP. He said I could post his email since I am obviously experiencing sympathy fatigue...

"Hey Blondie,

I think our country has to support the people on the street first and foremost. From the cold war and on to the war on terror our country has to often supported dictators who did our bidding. But we should walk the walk as well as talk the talk on this one. We can't be afraid that every country is going to love us or not. The populations of those countries need to decide for themselves what is right for their country. Is this not the Bush doctrine of "spreading democracy?" I don't want a fundamentalist regime to take over in Cairo. But I don't think, at least for the time being that is what is happening now on the street. What do you think? To me and from what I've read and seen, this seems to be a populist uprising directed specifically at Mubarak. Now what comes after him? I don't know. But I'm hopeful at least for now. Are you?


Do I have to care?

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