Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Not Down With Censorship, BUT...

Have you seen MTV's newest series, Skins? Everyone keeps talking about the sex in it...

"To give you an idea of what we're talking about here, a character named Chris (Jesse Carere) wakes up with an erection clearly visible through his briefs, goes to urinate and sprays himself in the face. He ends up urinating in the bathtub, wrapped in a shower curtain. We see a label for something called "Erectagra" and his erection becomes a running gag for much of the episode...." (SOURCE)

There are charges of 'child porn'...which might seem a bit overboard. But then you Google Skins and Drugs. Geez.

...but that wasn't what shocked me most. The absolute glorification of drugs floored me. (And yes, this is why I keep up with pop I know what my kids are watching...)

With addiction galloping through The Man's family, drug use and experimentation is on my mind a lot as my two oldest are soon to be teens. Since they were small I have told them true-life stories of what happens when boy meets beer. I have made them watch A&E's Intervention with me for years.

I love Intervention. It shows the ugly truth of drug use. The disgusting teeth. The embarrassing/illegal acts. The horrid complexion. The absence of hygiene. The violence. The absence of loyalty.

Normally, I am the one saying 'even if we don't like this, it has the right to be on.' But this time...ugh. This show could serve to undo so much that parents have done... I was more than happy to hear that big companies were pulling their cash/advertising from the show (Taco Bell, General Motors and H&R Block).

And maybe MTV does have the right to have this show on the air. And maybe it is my job as a parent to say my kids can't watch it and then simultaneously stand in front of all six televisions in the house to make sure they comply. ...But after all the props I gave MTV for 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom (two shows showing the REALITY of poor life decisions) --they go and destroy that credibility with a show that so blatantly glorifies things that can/will kill their target audiences...

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