Monday, January 17, 2011

How is MLK Remembered?

“Reverend Sharpton, you’re saying that my uncle sought help from government. I say, no, my uncle sought help from God, so that the people elected to govern would seek help from God,” said Dr. Alveda King (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's niece). “When we look to government, I believe we’re diluting the source of strength from which our power comes.” (SOURCE)

“In advising men and women on questions of personal behavior 50 years ago, Uncle Martin sounded no different than a conservative Christian preacher does now,” said Dr. Alveda King. “He was pro-life, pro-abstinence before marriage, and based his views on the unchanging Word of the Bible. Today, Planned Parenthood would condemn Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as part of the ‘religious right.’” (SOURCE)

This morning I was remembering the first time I was assigned to read Letter from a Birmingham Jail. I was 16 and there was no preconceived political agenda. And I was moved. Impressed with this man that seemed not to waiver despite what what thrown at him. Impressed he never seemed to impart a victim mentality. I remember the concept of 'just and unjust laws' and 'non-violent civil disobedience' reaffirming my support of blocking the doors to abortion clinics. I remember thinking he would be proud of those being jailed to save the innocent... Even back then I remember wondering if he would have been a member of Operation Rescue...

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