Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Fairness Doctrine Begins?

Glenn Beck's show has been cancelled here in Philly (WPHT) as of January 17th. It has also been cancelled in New York (WOR NY) as of the 14th. Sean Hannity has also been taken off the air here in the 8th largest radio market in the country.

The radio station (The Big Talker 1210 am) is owned by CBS and claim they are "making the lineup more local." This is a total crock as one of the Beck replacements is from Kansas ( Chris Stigall ?). How is that LOCAL? They have also given Obama-endorser Michael Smerconsih Sean's spot with Rush's lead in.

WOR NY cites "ratings" as a reason for the show's cancellation. But, according to Arbitron, Glenn is the third most listened to talk radio show in the country.

So if wanting LOCAL talent is a lie and low RATINGS is a lie...what's the REAL REASON?

Now, I understand that Glenn is pissed. He basically started The Glenn Beck Program here on 1210 am. It was this city that gave him the audience that opened up the other doors (CNN and eventually FNC), so reading about his rant on Philly the other day did annoy me--though I hope it was just venting. Then to see on his website:

"Stay in Touch: Don’t despair New York, there are plenty of ways to get your Glenn Beck fix..."

New York? What about Philly Glenn? Don't take it out on us. We were your first big Conservative talk audience. The folks that cancelled you probably don't even LIVE HERE --they're probably CBS execs living in NYC... There are pages and pages of comments on every article about this here from Conservatives and Beck listeners vowing to banish WPHT from their radio pre-sets.

Anyway, despite his slight lapse in judgment while talking smack about Philly, he is offering the radio show streamed live until new stations can be procured.

I am curious if there are other stations around the country that have yanked Sean and/or Glenn. I have a bad feeling this is a trend that we'll be seeing. That the Arizona shootings will be used an excuse to justify blatant censorship of Conservative ideals... that the Fairness Doctrine will indeed come to fruition through actions if not formally through legislation...

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