Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Celebrated Signage...

Have you seen the heralded placard that is making it's rounds amongst the Lefties on Facebook? I have posted many of the "best" Tea Party signs here and they have been damn funny... I have always admitted when something/someone on the other side of the aisle makes me laugh (like the Obama/Hillary 'Bros before Hos' shirts) --but this? This is getting the fanfare?

Though, I indeed may be biased -as people invoking Jesus that don't even believe in him has always irked me. And I guess they shouldn't let the fact that the Bible is the most war-laiden book out there ruin their little anti-tea party fest... Funny, it was making the rounds of my lefty friends yesterday and I kept thinkinng...they might as well have posted a sign that said, "Obviously, I've never read the Bible and have no idea what Jesus taught!"

If THIS lame sign is the BEST they have to offer --we TOTALLY win the funny/witty war! ;)

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