Thursday, January 06, 2011

Bachmann 2012?

I heard yesterday that Michele Bachmann's people said nothing was off the table for 2012 and that she was heading up to Iowa to speak with party leaders.

She's only been in Congress since 2007. State Senate before that. Actually her Congressional bio reads a bit like Obama's did...

She's a lawyer.

But, that being said, she does have some pretty attractive qualities also. She's a real conservative --not someone that switching on the issues just to get in on the Tea Party momentum. She was raised a Democrat, yet was still working as an anti-abortion advocate before she switched parties. AND, like my family, hers isn't just against abortion but put her time and money where her mouth was and took in 23 foster kids in addition to her 5 biological children (actually, that's almost identical to my family...)

"Bachmann had grown up in a Democratic family, but says she became a Republican during her senior year at Winona State. She told the (Minneapolis) Star Tribune that she was reading Gore Vidal's 1973 novel, Burr: "He was kind of mocking the Founding Fathers and I just thought, 'I just remember reading the book, putting it in my lap, looking out the window and thinking, 'You know what? I don't think I am a Democrat. I must be a Republican.' (SOURCE)

As far as political ideology, the only thing on paper I can find to disagree with her on is her support of DOMA.

But, once again, experience is the stickler. I prefer a governor to a senator... Though, unlike Obama she HAS "run something." Her and her husband own a Christian counseling center.

The Left despises her --which is a good sign.

Though this article implies that she is being shunned by the mainstream of the party.

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