Friday, December 03, 2010


The NYT is asking 'What Would Reagan Do?' What does Mo usually title his posts...A sure sign the Apocalypse is here?

"The new arms control treaty with Russia, now being considered by the Senate, follows in the storied tradition of Ronald Reagan, or so say people who worked for him. Except that Mr. Reagan would never have supported it, at least according to other people who served him.

The authors called the New Start treaty signed by President Obama “a modest and appropriate continuation of the Start I treaty that expired almost a year ago,” a treaty initiated by Mr. Reagan. Mr. Powell also visited the Oval Office on Wednesday to join Mr. Obama in urging the Senate to approve the new treaty.

But two other Reagan veterans, Edwin Meese III and Richard Perle, argued the opposite. They wrote in The Wall Street Journal that Mr. Reagan would never have endorsed the New Start treaty, because they said its verification regime was inadequate and it could lead to constraints on American missile defense plans..." (READ THE ENTIRE STORY)

Does the Left has someone they love as much as the Right loves Reagan --or is that why they hate him so much? I can't think of a figure they would look to to be a leader right now. Someone they think could set many of these wrongs right... I would say FDR, but along with his new deal were his interment camps...

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