Monday, December 13, 2010

Serial Killer in Philly

There is. But much like an episode of Law & Order SVU this guy is only going after crack-head prostitutes. It did make national news the other day and the FBI is involved... He even has a serial killer name: "The Kensignton Strangler." (That's romanticizing a bit, as he actually sexually assaults before he strangles). There have been 8 attacks and 4 of the women have died.

First I was wondering if he was a Jack the Ripper enthusiast or maybe a Dexter fan feeling like he's ridding the world of scum...but then I saw the artist sketch. It wasn't the Poindexter-ish guy in the Dick Wolf shows...just a little hood rat punk thinking no one will miss a crack-head hooker.

There's an old joke in Philly... What has six legs, 4 teeth and yells, "Hold de do?" Three girls in Kensington running for a bus. That's the area of the city where this is all happening. It's rough for the people that live there when there isn't a serial killer on the loose...

As much as I'm skeeved by crack-head hookers, I despise serial killers. Hope they catch this loser soon.

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