Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Scott Brown: A Precursor?

Many of you gave me grief for distrusting the Tea Party's refusal to take a stand on some social issues...and for saying I couldn't support a candidate that is pro-choice regardless of how fiscally conservative he/she is. I can take the criticism. And this is one case where I don't want to be vindicated.

But I will be.

I feel it's been proven historically time and time again that the socially liberal Governors, Senators, Representatives and Justices begin spreading that liberalism into other policies. They are the RINOs that everyone complained about before the Tea Party burst onto the scene. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing the Tea Party...I'm only pointing out that I want the whole package. I don't want the new Tea Party 'we only care about the pocketbook' model. I don't want to relive Reagan's O'Connor and Kennedy regrets.

Case in point.

"Senator John F. Kerry, laboring to achieve a foreign policy victory that would be a highlight of his career, gained crucial support yesterday for a nuclear arms control treaty with Russia from his Massachusetts colleague, Republican Senator Scott Brown.

Brown said he would buck GOP Senate leadership and vote in favor of the treaty, which would reduce nuclear warheads by approximately one third, late yesterday after a secret intelligence briefing for senators. It was the second dramatic move across the aisle by Brown in the last week. On Saturday, he supported repealing the military's ``don't ask, don't tell'' policy banning gays and lesbians in the military..." (SOURCE)

I still love that someone with an (R) after their name took Teddy Kennedy's seat, but when the thrill of the steal wore off we were left with Scott Brown. I don't want another Scott Brown. I don;t need someone that's lock step with the GOP and for Massachusetts Scott Brown is the best we'd probably get. But, I feel like this kind of candidate is what the Tea party is (unwittingly) giving breath to...

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