Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Worst

"Target, [a female shepherd mix that has appeared on Oprah], was one of three dogs credited with helping to save U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. Soldiers in [Sgt. Terry] Young's unit befriended the strays, Target, Sasha and Rufus, who more than repaid the favor on Feb. 11 when an intruder tried to get into the soldiers' barracks.

The dogs began barking and snapping, alerting the soldiers. Unable to get inside the barracks, the intruder -- who had 25 pounds of explosives strapped to his body -- blew himself outside. Five soldiers were wounded, but Young and his comrades said the dogs saved many lives.

Sasha was badly injured and had to be put down, but the soldiers were able to bring Rufus and Target to the United States. Target moved in with Young and his family in Arizona. Rufus went to live with Sgt. Christopher Duke in Georgia."

That's the good part of the story...then, once safe and sound out of a war zone and safely in America:

"Target was picked up as a stray after she slipped out of his yard in the San Tan Valley area southeast of Phoenix over the weekend. [She] was taken to the Pinal County Animal Care and Control Shelter in Case Grande. The agency said a shelter worker mistakenly took Target out of her pen this morning instead of another dog and euthanized her, even though the dog was not scheduled to be put down." (SOURCE)

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