Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Last Night Was Just the Beginning...

Great News: Nancy Pelosi is indeed fired.
Bad News: Harry Reid isn't.
Great News: Alan Grayson is GONE.
Bad News: Allyson Schwartz isn't.

Allen West won! Pat Toomey won! Pennsylvania has a Republican does Ohio! South Carolina has its first female Governor. The West Coast was a disappointment as usual...though I am shocked that Californians voted down Prop 19.

Saw this as I was leaving Toys R Us last night...

Did they think that being a veteran was the tactic to combating progressive views this election? Well, it didn't work for Joe Sestak or Patrick Murphy... I appreciate their service and thank them for the right to vote against them, but that doesn't make their ideology any less detrimental for the country.

The work doesn't end here. 2012 is fast approaching. Keep on your elected employees to keep their promises of fiscal responsibility and be willing to sacrifice yourself before you ask others to do it...

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