Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Kool Aid: The Real San Francisco Treat

Every time I read a story about San Francisco --whether it be a would-be ban on the military, an expose about producing politicians like Nancy Pelosi, banning Happy meals or the sale of puppies and kittens or that of a transgender youth leader killing his/her sugar daddy-- I can't help but feel it's an almost-foreign land.

Who are these people that aspire to attend UC Berkeley? Who would want to live in a city that even the NYT's asks, "What will San Francisco ban next?" How did this this bastion of far left liberals and radical Greens take hold and where is its Libertarian counterpart?

And then I thought about The People's Temple and couldn't help but wonder if this mass drinking of the Kool Aid could have happened anywhere but San Francisco. You know, Jim Jones had originally set up camp in Indiana, but moved his "church" to a more receptive environment... Would 900 "temple" members have partaken of the Kool Aid in any other city?

You may recall the recent post about the "liberal gene"...Is there something genetically wrong with San Franciscans (and others that aspire to live there)?

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