Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Inconsistencies : America, Bush, Obama, Islam and the Left

It used to drive me nuts when some many on the Left would give Bush the duel attributes of maniacal and stupid. They wanted so badly for him to be portrayed as dumb, yet they credited him with tons of plots that would take a truly evil genius (like, perhaps...George Soros). They never really seemed to grasp that the two just didn't jive.

The same thing is happening again, but with America in the place of the former President. The Muslim world claims that America is both bigoted and stupid. We are accused to profiling Muslims and undermining Islam, YET that is a hard claim to make against a country that is constantly being duped by extremists. Recently an al Qaeda leader lamented about how "stupid" America is and how easy we are to fool (referring to the Taliban infiltrator we were negotiating with). Yet, in the next breath they are using our treatment of Muslims as a recruiting tool?

Why aren't the Muslims they are recruiting smart enough to say, "Hey, if we can fool Americans so easily, doesn't that mean they are working with Muslims? Could we fool them if they were truly suspect of all of us?"

And why aren't all the people that claimed it was Bush's warmongering ways and the fact that he was 'mean to Muslims' admitting they were wrong now that we've had two years of Obama and no drop in hate from the Middle East? Why did the deadliest year in Iraq happen under Barack Hussein Obama's watch?

And why aren't all the people that spent years griping about the Bush administration and the evils of the Patriot Act kicking themselves that they voted for the man that wrote it. And why aren't they furiously penning conspiracy theories about why JOE BIDEN would have written the Patriot act in 1995...Six years before planes flew into the Twin Towers...?

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