Friday, November 19, 2010

Evil Facebook?

Many stories have been done over the past few days about the New Jersey pastor that called on his married congregants to either ditch their Facebook accounts or make them into family accounts:
"A New Jersey pastor is continuing to take on Facebook.

Rev. Cedric Miller says this Sunday he'll ask that all married members of his Neptune, Monmouth County, congregation give up the social networking site.

He has already told married church leaders to delete Facebook or quit.

Miller claims a large percentage of his marital counseling over the past year has included infidelity that stemmed straight from Facebook. He says it is breaking up marriages and tearing families apart.

Miller said the infidelity started innocently with online reunions and then went to inappropriate chatter and finally cheating... (SOURCE)

I have to agree with this guy. I can't tell you how many friends I have seen fall (or are currently falling) at the hands of social media... Hmmm, I feel a book in the making! Seriously though, it's not just Facebook. Most Facebook people are so obsessed because it's their first foray into the computer as a social medium. Early chat room users, bloggers, etc had been there, done that and already knew the tangible dangers of too much virtual interaction.

I think a joint account is the way too go for married couples. A few of my friends have had that from the start and I think it's smart... Like my Dad always said, Don't help a good boy go bad.

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