Thursday, October 07, 2010

Race, Race, Race

'Location, location, location' is to real estate as 'race, race, race' is to the Obama presidency.


And it's not the Tea party's fault. And (R)'s don't hate him because his dad was Black. But, this is a wonderful example of what happens when you cast a vote based on race alone. As I have stated before, I fully understand the country (specifically African Americans) wanting a Black President. It speaks volumes for the progress of the country and its citizens. I feel the same about a woman President. But not strong enough to abandon my ideology to achieve it. Unfortunately, the desire to elect the first Black President trumped the fact that he was just a fledgling Senator with no business or executive experience.

Now the liberal left is disillusioned. The Right is furious. And African American support remains unscathed (91%!!!). But what was to be expected, really? He wasn't ready for this job. He said as much himself right before he announced he was running.

So, the President that SHOULD HAVE transcended race has exasperated it instead. According to Rasmussen Reports, voters are "less optimistic" about Black-White relations than they were a year ago. (source) Since Obama stepped into the oval office, it seems everything has been about race. The beer summit, the Black Panthers, the DoJ's policies, etc.

But, I still absolutely believe a seasoned executive of identical race could have provided a vastly different outcome...on the country AND race relations.

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