Wednesday, October 06, 2010

November Elections Could Save Us...

For those of us that have been experiencing serious grief over the state of affairs in this country... For those of us who had to stop watching Glenn beck because it became to frightening to see the truth about who is in charge... For those of us who seriously and honestly believe Obama's policies will irreparably damage our country... The new Gallup poll should serve as inspiration:
"Yesterday, Gallup delivered its first 2010 "likely voter" poll and the results floored the political community. In the generic ballot question, which asks which party a voter would favor in a generic House contest, Gallup gave the GOP a 46% to 42% edge. But then Gallup applied two versions of its "likely voter" turnout model. In its "high turnout model," Republicans led Democrats by 53% to 40%. In its "low turnout model," the GOP edge was a stunning 56% to 38%. That kind of margin in favor of Republicans has never been seen in Gallup surveys.

What should worry Democrats most is that the "low turnout model" is typical of recent midterm elections. If the Gallup numbers hold up (and the firm cautions that "the race often tightens in the final month of the campaign"), some word more cataclysmic than "tsunami" would be needed for the Democratic losses. (SOURCE)

But, use this as MOTIVATION not comfort. Get your (Conservative) friends and family members out to vote. Be annoying. (Everyone in my circle knows they will get calls and texts from me on election days...) If Obama has Republican majorities in the House and the Senate, his agenda will be stalled. The Conservatives should EMBRACE the "Party of No" mantra and follow through: no new taxes, no government waste, no new entitlements, etc.

All those that sat out in 2008 because you 'couldn't vote for McCain:' this is your chance to make it up. Vote.

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