Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Military Voters

There have been countless allegations raised against Eric Holder and his DoJ. From the seemingly excused Philadelphia Black Panther voter intimidation to the whistle blower claiming the Justice Department doesn't consider complaints by White people to be valid...

But, to me, the most egregious dereliction of office has been Holder's refusal to enforce the 2009 Military and Overseas Voter Enforcement Act (MOVE Act).

"For months, critics have charged Justice with being reluctant to enforce the 2009 Military and Overseas Voter Enforcement Act (MOVE Act), probably because the Obama political team suspects that soldiers tend to vote Republican. The MOVE Act requires states to mail ballots at least 45 days before Election Day to military personnel and affiliated civilians stationed abroad, unless the states secure a waiver under limited circumstances and produce foolproof alternative means for ensuring military voting rights. The department insists it is rigorously enforcing this law. Its actions, however, are unconvincing.

Justice official Rebecca Wertz seemed at a February conference to encourage states to seek waivers rather than comply with the MOVE Act. The department has refused demands from Sen. John Cornyn, the Texas Republican who authored the act, to let the public know the status of any efforts to guarantee compliance. Then the department let Wisconsin off the hook by allowing the Badger State to mail ballots just 32 days in advance.

Now, in what is probably the Justice Department's worst dereliction, it has taken no discernible action against New Mexico and Connecticut for appearing to be guilty of widespread failure to comply with the law, nor against various noncompliant counties in at least five other states..." (READ THE WHOLE EDITORIAL HERE)

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