Monday, October 11, 2010

Meghan Hasn't Seen DWTS

And here I thought she was the one "cool Republican" all down with pop culture and stuff...

A few weeks ago I was wondering out loud about how jealous Media hound Meghan McCain was that Brsitol Palin was on Dancin' With The Stars this season.

Then last night I happened upon this article:

"The Dish Rag asked Meghan if she has seen Bristol Palin on Dancing With The Stars.

"I don't watch Dancing With the Stars. I watch HBO and a lot of news," she said.

Would Meghan ever consider going on the show? "No one wants to see me dance. I dance like a white girl. It takes a lot of tequila to get me dancing." (SOURCE)

I knew it! Yeah Meghan, Suuuure you haven't seen it.

I had never seen even 10 minutes of an episode prior to this season...

but Bristol Palin AND The Situation?!

I'd bet a kid you haven't missed a minute...and neither have I. Then again, I really am a Republican that knows just as much about Pop Culture as I do politics...

Speaking of nasty and jealous...over at HuffPo all they can do is talk about the fact that they don't think Brsitol is losing any weight dancing...

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