Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From the Brains of Babes?

Remember the school laptop spying case? As much as I agreed that a school should NOT be able to activate a webcam when the laptop is in my kids' bedroom, the thought of a lawsuit and subsequent $600,000 dollar reward makes me shudder a bit.

"Lower Merion School District has settled the webcam case that made national headlines after students accused school officials of spying by using the webcam installed on school-issued laptops.
The School District Board approved a $610,000 settlement Monday night..." (SOURCE)

What money does a school have other than tax payer money taken from residents for the sole purpose of educating that township or city's children? So, to sue and take almost a million dollars from that school system (which is most likely already under-funded...) seems, well, a bit evil.

What was the money for? See, now the litigious nature of this family has lost my sympathy. The school should have removed the webcams from take-home laptops, but to shell out $600,000?

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