Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fix-A-Fight Phone App

"Michael McGonigle, a 50-year-old marital therapist, developed “Fix a Fight,” an application aimed at patching disagreements among couples. Using technology to help solve relationship trouble may seem counterintuitive when studies show computers — including smart phones — erode family time.

“Handheld devices have more potential for healing than people think,” McGonigle said. “Instead of being a dividing, distracting, isolating thing, I think technology can bring people together." (SOURCE)

So many people I know throw in the towel before ever attempting mediation or counseling of any kind...so if this is medium that will be accepted by both spouses, I say go for it. Some times just a simple validation of feelings is needed to smooth things over and maybe this app will elucidate that for clueless couples...

Speaking of apps...my very, very favorite? AllSport GPS. You enter what you're doing: walking, running, biking, etc and it tracks you. It lets you know your distance, speed, elevations, etc. LOVE this app. Well worth the $10. (Unfortunately, this was discovered after paying for two that absolutely sucked...)

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