Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Qur'an Burning UnConstitutional?

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, who has in the past stated that the 'purpose of a statute,' and the 'consequences of competing interpretations' comes in to play when he is considering a case, stated on Good Morning America that burning the Qur'an "might not be Constitutional" in the "age of the internet." Huh? And here I thought it was the TEXT that was being analyzed...

"Last week President Obama told me that Pastor Jones could be cited for public burning – but that was “the extent of the laws that we have available to us.” Rep. John Boehner said on "GMA" that “just because you have a right to do something in America does not mean it is the right thing to do.”

For Breyer, that right is not a foregone conclusion..." (SOURCE)

This is a prime example of why even liberals shouldn't want a left-leaning judge sitting on SCOTUS. Since, contrary to general public opinion, it's the left that has a history of seeking to limit the scope of free speech. Liberals might cheer if it is ruled unconstitutional to burn the Qur'an, but then what will happen when they burn the Bible, or the Constitution, the flag, or the next Republican President in effigy? We must always remember that if we want to preserve what was given to us in the Bill of Rights...we must protect speech that makes our skin crawl and allow demonstrations that make us shudder. Turn of the TV. Walk away. Turn up your iPod. But for the Founders' sake...don't make opinions whether spoken or acted out, illegal. At that point, we might as well be Canada.

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