Friday, October 01, 2010

"Product of Conception" Saves the Day

"The aggregate of tissues present in a fertilized gestation; in a pregnancy that has been terminated or aborted, chorionic villi and/or fetal tissue must be present in a specimen to make a definitive diagnosis of intrauterine–as opposed to ectopic pregnancy; decidualized and secretory endometrium may be found in either intrauterine and ectopic pregnancies."

"Two men are facing charges in Upper Darby for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old girl, and police are using DNA from the victim's aborted fetus to determine which of the men impregnated her."

Police obtained a search warrant for the "product of conception."

There are certain stories that stand out regardless of how many I read in a certain sitting... This was one of those stories. I can't help but think that this would be one of the tales told by NOW or NARAL as they lobbied Congress...or testified by SCOTUS even. A young girl that was impregnated by rape, but saved because her aborted baby product of conception was used to provide DNA that nabbed and convicted the rapist. Win-Win situation! Or is it?

But, the WHOLE story is that the girl (14 yr.) and her friend (18 yr.) willingly had sex with TWO men (36 & 37 yrs old) on their front steps in exchange for dinner. No one knew until the mother of the 14 year old discovered she was pregnant.

Every aspect of this story gives me the creeps. A girl that will have sex for a paid dinner. A 14 year old that will have sex on the front steps of a house. Grown men that will have sex with 14 & 18 year olds. Grown men that would offer teen girls food for sex. The conception and subsequent death of an innocent baby product of conception and the looming, horrid thought that that baby is probably better off...

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