Sunday, September 19, 2010

Murkowski Acting Like a Corrupt Iraqi Politician

"Yep, I’ll just come out and say it. Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski is acting like a corrupt Iraqi politician. Her refusal to accept the results of the primary, and her desperate attempt to cling to her position is unfortunate. Of course, she has every right to mount a write-in campaign, but it’s poor form. There is no indication that she has been wronged, she simply lost." [source]

"For months leading up to and since the Iraqi National Elections this past March, one of the themes we’ve been emphasizing with our Iraqi counterparts is that a hallmark of a free country is the peaceful transfer of power following an election- something they have not had here as Prime Minister Maliki does all he can to “keep his chair” (as they like to say). Six months later, still no government in Iraq during what everyone agrees is a critical time.

We’ve been pounding this message in addition to the normal emphasis on the importance of free elections, representative government, etc…

And here is Murkowski, who got her start when her father appointed her to his own State Senate Seat when he won the Governor’s race in 2002… ug.

To be fair, she did go on to win the 2004 election." [source]

Anyway, I had to roll my eyes when I read about this. It will no doubt be one of my “That happens in America too” comments (which I use when the Iraqis get to feeling sorry for themselves as if they are the only country that struggles politically). I think they are tired of me saying that it took us 230 years and a lot of struggle to get where we are…


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