Saturday, September 04, 2010

Medal of Honor Dishonor?

"The Army & Air Force Exchange Service -- joined by the Coast Guard Community Services Command -- was the first to announce this week that it would not allow sales of Medal of Honor, produced by video game giant Entertainment Arts, or EA, on any of its 181 exchanges in the United States and abroad, or its online site.

A statement issued by Army & Air Force Exchange Service Commander Maj. Gen. Bruce Casella said the decision was made "out of respect to those we serve."

"We regret any inconvenience this may cause authorized shoppers, but are optimistic that they will understand the sensitivity to the life and death scenarios this product presents as entertainment," the statement read. "As a military command with a retail mission, we serve a very unique customer base that has, or possibly will, witness combat in real life."

Due out Oct. 12, this latest edition in the "Medal of Honor" series has already earned its fair share of controversy. Military families and world leaders alike have denounced the game for its reported realistic violence. Players, many tech sites have reported, are allowed to take on the role of a Taliban fighter and kill U.S. soldiers." (source)

It is my understanding that in multi-player mode, one player will be a Taliban fighter. I don't think you can just opt to be a Taliban in single player mode... On the gaming websites most people seem to think this is hypocritical --that it's okay to shoot at everyone else in war games, just not Americans. BUT, there are only a spattering of veterans voices in those forums. I was interested to see what everyone here thought of the idea of killing US special forces soldiers...even if they are made out of pixels.

...I let my kids have games with violence, but I try to make sure it's fantasy violence (Legend of Zelda & God of War, etc.) if that makes any sense. If they're killing stuff, I want it to be monsters and zombies and not people...

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