Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg: Turn in Your Elephant Please.

With 49% of New Yorkers displeased with how Mayor Michael Bloomberg has handled the Ground Zero Mosque situation, I guess he felt compelled to say that the "pastor" planning to burn the Qu'ran was within his Constitutional rights...

But, that's not why he caught my attention. Over the weekend I watched an interview with him -one I can't seem to find online right now -that actually had me shaking my head.

A NY Fox affiliate told the mayor that they had directly traced funding from one of the Mosque Imams (or planners, contributors) to a terrorist group. The reporter said they could show him the proof and did that change his mind and lead him to believe that funding for the 9/11 mosque should be something the city looks in to?

Bloomberg's response? (I'm paraphrasing) ["No. That would set a bad precedent. We don;t want to be looking into the funding of churches. Do you want the government to know where your church or synagogue is getting it's money? Do you want them to know who is funding your religious institution?"]

Really? Because if my (hypothetical) church was getting shady funding I would certainly want to know. And I would expect that my (hypothetical) church would have their records open for all to see and that their funding and charitable giving would be above reproach and transparent for all those who cared to see.

But maybe me and my (hypothetical) church are just naive and the NYC Mayor knows some things I don't.

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