Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy 6th Non-Labor (Union) Day

Yes, we at the House of Sage changed the holiday back in 2005 and are in our 6th Year of Non-Labor Day A.K.A. Right to Work Day AKA The Free Market Works Day...

"Instead of celebrating Unions (should we have a Jimmy Hoffa day while we're at it?), we are celebrating all the industrious men and women that are smart enough to advocate for themselves. All those that don't need to pay someone to get them raises and vacation. Those who are intelligent and independent and don't take 45 15-minute breaks a day. Those that stay until a job is finished (even if it's after 3pm) and don't leave little old ladies without any heat in the middle of winter. Those who take initiative and never utter the phase, "that's not part of my job".

These are the ones that we choose to thank for the success of American growth and business on this day. Those that do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay...with no societal drain or political considerations.


On this new and improved holiday, I also wanted to give a link to Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc. --and association for non-union workers that many of my close friends are involved with.


M Klipsch II said...

You can work till you die........have fun with that. I will enjoy my Monday NOT WORKING and spending time with my family. I thank the unions and the workers before me for fighting to give me and my family this day together. I feel so sorry for those of you who cannot enjoy this, those of you who think that your company will take care of you, those of you who have been told that if you "do a good job" you will be fine.
THE MAN will not do this. He only cares about himself and his time with HIS family and HIS money. He doesn't care about you. Unions do care.

Seed Sabrett said...

@M Klipsch II

Will you still be thanking your union forebearers when the company you work for goes bankrupt because of fierce non-union overseas competition? Will you still be thankful when what's left of American industry gasps out its last dying breath?

America used to make things... I know it's hard to believe. But it's true--we used to make things! Now, instead, we import things, consume copious amounts of debt and mortgage the future of our children. Thanks a lot, Unions!