Thursday, September 23, 2010

GOP's New Contract With America

This is a glimpse at the GOPS's Pledge to America that Republican leaders plan to unveil this morning...I agree with Sean Hannity on the fact that Republican candidates should publicly SIGN the pledge so they can be held accountable if they fail to fulfill tenets of it (namely spending and reform):

  • A move to "permanently stop all job-killing tax hikes."

  • A plan to award small businesses a tax reduction of 20 percent of business income.

  • Reining-in of government "red tape."

  • A repeal of "job-killing business mandates." This specifically refers to a provision in the health care law that requires businesses to report to the IRS any transaction over $600. Small businesses argue the requirement is cumbersome.

  • An immediate reduction in all federal spending and a cancellation of all unspent stimulus money.- A cut in government spending to pre-stimulus and "bailout" levels.

  • The imposition of a "hard cap" on discretionary spending, meaning the government can't go above a certain level.

  • A request to hold weekly votes on spending cuts.

  • "End TARP once and for all." That's a reference to the Troubled Asset Relief Program, which Congress approved to assist banks and financial institutions with liquidity in the fall of 2008.

  • Demand a net hiring freeze of all "non-security" federal workers

  • A requirement that all bills lay over for 72 hours in the House before being voted on.

  • The mandate that all lawmakers writing legislation must include a clause in the measure demonstrating that the bill would be "Constitutional" if enacted.

  • An effort to prevent non-related bills from being packaged together.

  • A move to "repeal and replace" the health care reform law and instead approve medical liability reform legislation.

  • A call to make the "Hyde Amendment" permanent. The Hyde Amendment is named after the late-Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL). Congress reauthorizes the Hyde Amendment every year. It builds a firewall that ensures that federal dollars are not used for abortion services.

  • A requirement that all troop funding bills be "clean." In other words, that legislation must be free of any extraneous issues.

  • The demand that terrorism suspects be kept off U.S. soil.

  • A call to impose sanctions against Iran unless certain security conditions are not met.
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