Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Burning the Qu'ran

I have been incredibly annoyed at how many people (including the White House) are talking about the planned burning of the Qu'ran by some dude who became an ordained minister from the back of Rolling Stone magazine. Is everyone serious here? General Petraeus is addressing this...and the Vatican? Do you think there hasn't been a single soul in the UAE or Pakistan that has burned or desecrated the Bible...or our flag...or our President? If we found that person would we be calling for Muslim leaders to denounce the action of one man? There are 310,192,728 people here in the United States and ONE PERSON manages all this press?! And people calling for CHRISTIAN leaders to denounce this? How did this guy become representative of "Christians?"

And even if the Vatican or White House itself decided to have "Burn a Qu'ran Day," it's a BOOK made from PAPER, people... maybe they also believed that they were actually murdering President Bush when they burned him in effigy...?

And now I've been goaded into giving this space. So, riddle me this. Is this utter insanity the product of 24 hour news cycles, Political Correctness about Islam gone amuck, or a plain and simple fear of Muslim fanaticism...?

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