Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Beer, Beer, Beer

In addition to what you see here, Chattanooga's recent Brewfest featured a number of great microbrews (and a few not so great). Over 30 brewers with over 75 brews. My favorites were Fat Tire by New Belgium and Bourbon Barrel Stout by Bluegrass Brewing Co.

The Bourbon Barrel Stout is very dark and has a strong coffee flavor. I really like it.

I also enjoyed the Oatmeal Porter by the Highland Brewing Co in Asheville, NC. I really liked the reps from this brewery and the attention they paid to the patrons. I can't wait to go tour their brewery. It sounds like a really wild time. If you go, ask for Steve and plan to tour on a Friday. Stay overnight and tour the Biltmore on Saturday.

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