Monday, September 20, 2010

Almost a Caption It...

I was going to use this guy as today's Caption It, but a part of me appreciates the point he's making. Some of my friends and family (namely my oldest son and sister) think that my recycling tendencies border on "hippie." But for me it's not a GREEN thing. It's certainly not an Inconvenient Truth thing. Or a Global Warming thing. It's an aversion to trash thing.

I hate trash. I hate it in my house, in my car, on sidewalks, in streets, in parks and especially in playgrounds. Since it would seem that parents have ceased telling their offspring that it's wrong to throw their empty Red Bull cans, gum wrapper and Dorito bags on the ground...the more we recycle, repurpose and reuse the less trash will be available for them to throw on my street. Less for me to clean up before my kid can play at the playground. And, less for me to pick up off the beach before I can enjoy my view (it's not just here in Philly).

So this guy's point is valid. That's a lot of unnecessary trash when you could buy 10 re-usable grocery bags and be done with it. Buy 2 water bottles and two travel mugs and refill them. Etc.

So yes, maybe I am a hippie when it comes to this stuff because I hate litter and litterers even more than I hate being associated with the Al-Gorites...

And, then there's make sure your re-usable bags are cloth so you can wash them.

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