Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wikileaks Julian Assange Wanted for Rape & Molestation

"Julian Assange, the founder of the Wikileaks website, is facing a warrant for his arrest over an accusation of rape. The warrant was issued by prosecutors in Sweden, where the Australian-born internet activist was on a visit last week.
"Julian Assange is wanted for two different issues, one of them is that he's suspected of rape in Sweden," said Karin Rosander, director of communications at the prosecutor's office.

Supporters of Mr Assange believe he has been the victim of a smear campaign to discredit him. The Wikileaks Twitter page dismissed the assault claims, which first appeared in Sweden's Expressen newspaper, as "dirty tricks"..." (source)

Leaking intelligence information that could put our troops in mortal danger aside, this due has given me the creeps since I saw him (and not just because he looks like Bill Maher's long lost twin...) Of course people will say this is "too convenient" but when has Sweden ever helped us or gotten involved?

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