Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Teabagger" Talk

First, really? You're all still using "teabagger" in every other sentence? It wasn't really all that funny or witty for the first year you used it, but now it's just ridiculously played out. See, a joke is supposed to work on two levels like...the paddle my parents had when I was little. It said "the cute little deer with the bear behind" with a picture of a deer and a bear...and yet *I* was also the cute little DEAR with the BARE behind. See liberals...the play on words makes it funny/clever/cute. Tea Party supporters being called Tea Baggers...well, considering Tea bagging is a mainly homosexual sex act that is more about humiliation than that what you want to do to the Tea Party folks...or are you doing the equivalent of calling someone a poopy head?

Okay, if you're wondering where that came from...the comments over at this post must have set me off a bit. Sometimes I just can't take the vapid discourse. Funny, Conservatives are supposed to be the rubes...

Anyway, you must read this post: Tea Party Leaders Criticize Beck’s 8/28 Rally: ‘All He’s Doing Is Trying To Use Us To Promote Himself’. The Author found one dude to say he was a Tea Party guy and then say he thinks Beck and the Restoring Honor rally is ridiculous... Yes, ONE dude. Not Tea party "Leaders") But this ONE GUY, of course, doesn't want his name used so he doesn't anger Glenn...(Glenn...aka Tony Soprano I guess?) Then he makes it seem like Conservatives are all split over Beck and the commenters lap it up like hungry little puppies. I can't decide whether it's eminently amusing or decidedly depressing...

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blwpyrtv said...

Although I'm not a conservative, I never liked the slur "teabaggers," honestly. It's just sophomoric and gross.

That being said, the paddle you describe from your childhood is in really poor taste. I mean, even if you truly believe, as many do, that severe spankings are necessary for discipline, when you try to make a cute joke out of something that inflicts intense pain on a child, it seems like a major lapse of empathy if not plain sadistic.

It's even less of a laughing matter when you consider how this form of punishment has an unfortunate history of being subverted, not only turning into physical abuse but also sexual abuse. For illustration, see, and ask yourself how the victims would react to seeing that novelty paddle (clever play on words notwithstanding).