Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Robert Gibbs Was Spot On

I know that I've already posted that Gibbs' "gaffe" was the first time I felt a sense of refreshing honesty... and the latest four page article in Politico must have gave him a wonderful feeling of vindication.

The article is entitled: "Dems Urge Obama to Take a Stand"

The gist of the article kinda goes like this... Wah, wah, wah, wah...
Okay seriously (though that was close). We know Obama has spent us into debt more than any other President, but didn't make his beliefs about the need for that debt clear enough. We know Obama has make the most progressive social/domestic changes of any President but we don't like that he vacillated on some of the more radical aspects of the sweeping change, etc. etc.

"...The president’s reluctance to be a Democratic version of Ronald Reagan, who spoke without apology about his vaulting ideological ambitions, has produced an odd turn of events: Obama has been the most activist domestic president in decades, but the philosophy behind his legislative achievements remains muddy in the eyes of many supporters and skeptics alike. There is not yet such a thing as “Obamism.” (source)

Robert Gibbs was right. I'm making a shirt.

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