Monday, August 16, 2010

Philly Don't Get No Respect

While reading through some articles/forums the other night trying to find out why, why, why we would ever trade Simone Gagne...I came across this:

"For the last 10 days, Brendan Millhouser has been questioning his sanity.
The Chicago Blackhawks fan attended the team's annual fan convention on July 31 at the Hilton Chicago, which featured a display of trophies courtesy of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Among the hardware was the Prince of Wales Trophy, given to the winner of the NHL's Eastern Conference each season.
Last season, that champion was the Philadelphia Flyers; so Millhouser was stunned and baffled to see the Washington Capitals' name etched on the trophy
-- taking a photo with his Verizon Droid camera and Tweeting his reaction to his followers..." (source)

Love or hate the Flyers (I love them and you all hate them), you know they kicked some serious ass and defied all predictions to achieve what they did last season and this might have been an honest mistake...but knowing how the country feels about the Broad Street Bullies...we Philadelphians doubt it.

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