Monday, August 02, 2010

Leadership, the lack thereof, and it's effect

I read an astute observation by Barron Thomas in a conversation with Ben Stein about a gloomy observation Ben made recently while traveling.

"In times of trouble, people look for a daddy to lead them. They want a strong father figure and that's not Barack Obama. He is many things but not that. So people are scared and there's no father to take care of them. "

Stein: Brilliant, as expected. In 1975 I was at a conference at the Aspen Institute. A high ranking shrink from the Harvard Medical School said that people had turned on Nixon because he was a weak but dominant father figure, as opposed to Ike, who was strong and accommodating. Great insight. What is Obama? Maybe a would be-pal. What is he, psychologically? Requires more thought. [source]

I’ve commented previously on some of the negative effects we’ve seen from the election of an untested politician with no executive experience to our highest office.

Organizations require a leader’s vision. A clear, understandable and believable direction for the organization that brings members to common ground; a common direction that orients the actions of the team and engages their talents, providing focus and creating energy and enthusiasm.

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