Monday, August 02, 2010

He was from JERSEY People!

Philly fans always get a bad rap. Are we passionate about our teams? Yes. Do we despise your team? Hell yeah. But you don't see us rioting, do you Chicago? Overturning cars and lighting them aflame? No, Los Angeles you don't. We yell and curse and possibly throw beer on you.

...But what about the kid that stuck his fingers down his throat to make him self vomit on the undercover cop and his little daughter, you ask?

"...[Matthew Clemmens, who was sentenced to jail time Friday] and three friends had drunkenly heckled Michael Vangelo, an off-duty police captain from Easton, Pa., and his two daughters - ages 15 and 11 - during the second game of the Phillies' home-opener series against the Washington Nationals in April.

After one member of Clemmens' group was ejected from the ballpark by security - at Vangelo's request - Clemmens left briefly, according to a statement prepared by Assistant District Attorney Patrick Doyle and agreed to by Clemmens. He later returned to the seats, taking a phone call, before declaring, "I gotta do what I gotta do. I'm going to get sick."

Clemmens then stuck a finger down his throat and vomited, striking Vangelo and the area in front of his daughters' seats, about 15 rows from the visitors' dugout.

As the girls fled from Clemmens - the 15-year-old consoling her sobbing sibling "like a mother," Vangelo said Friday - Clemmens accosted Vangelo with "four or five right hooks" near his left ear, bloodying his face. Vangelo did not fight back, he testified, because he did not want to risk being taken into custody in Philadelphia with his daughters so far from their Easton home..." (source)

THAT DUDE WAS FROM NEW JERSEY! That's what you need to understand. Northern Jerseyites like New York teams and Southern Jersey folks glom onto our teams. So remember, when you see a story about a Philly fan doing something's probably someone from New Jersey! ;)

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