Thursday, August 12, 2010

Grassroots bailout of the Post Office?

It is clear that the Post Office is a failed business model. UPS, FedEx, DHL and others are collectively kicking the tail of the USPS. Should the Post Office be bailed out? Not at the expense of the taxpayer. If there was another, more creative solution, I could support that….

For many years, Dave Ramsey has advocated stuffing the credit card applications you receive in the mail with as much other junk mail and send them back. I used to do this from time to time… take all the junk mail you get, remove your name from stuff, put it all in the return envelope to the credit card company, and mail it back.

This article recommends doing the same thing, but beyond sticking it to the ultra-aggressive credit card marketing machine, it points out that it also would help the USPS make up for the 3.5 billion (yes, 3,500 million dollars) that it has lost in the last 3 months (if everyone was doing it). Simple, brilliant, grass-roots.

Get busy.

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