Monday, August 16, 2010

Go To Krispy Kreme

I would like to invite everyone in the Philadelphia area to the opening (I'll let you know the exact date) of the new Krispy Kreme that will be located on the 7800 block of Oxford Avenue.

The reason? Because the dregs from Local 98 (electricians union) have been picketing and accosting passerby's for a few weeks now. One tool even had the audacity to flip me the bird with a car full of kids when I refused to take his propaganda. What I found amusing about their print out (my mom took one) is it claims that people should boycott Krispy Kreme because --are you ready?-- the GC (General Contractor) was allowing anyone to bid all aspects of the job. REALLY GUYS? Boycott for fairness? Boycott for giving everyone the right to work? Boycott for refusing to pay bloated union prices?

Mind you, these same neanderthals were boycotting a local salon a few years back and when I spoke with the salon owner he told me THEY HAD BID HIS JOB AND SAID IT WAS TOO SMALL!

So, I'd like to thank Krispy Kreme...not only for producing a glazed doughnut that makes Dunkin' Donuts weep; but for understanding and embracing the many splendored joys of a FREE MARKET SYSTEM.

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