Friday, August 06, 2010

Entitlements Before Emergencies

As most of you know, I applaud Governor Chris Christie's courage in keeping campaign promises to cut waste amid the hate of those having their waste cut. He's obviously being honest when he says that he will do what he promised...even if it costs him a second term. Sweet. ANYONE that is on the receiving end of a cut is going to be angry. But, cuts MUST be made. I don;t know how many times Americans can watch the riots in Greece and not take it to heart. To not recognize that we too are raising a generation of entitled children...

That all being said, I am also in favor of cutting any and all WASTE before we have to take away pensions, drop programs, salaries and most of all services.

Here in Philly there is a disaster brewing. The mayor proposed a SUGAR TAX that would basically tax soda and sweet drinks (2 cents per ounce) to raise $77 MILLION ANNUALLY. Perfect. I actually liked this idea. The money has got to come from somewhere and soda drinkers will still buy their drug, just as smokers keep buying their at $7 a pack...

But the City Council shot down the Sugar tax and now FIRE HOUSES ARE BEING CLOSED. SO, on any given night the firehouse in your neighborhood could be shuttered and you'll have to wait for the guys at the next station to get to you. Now, the firemen are blaming Mayor Nutter...but me...not so much. You can't pull money from a hat and this is a direct result of the CITY COUNCIL rejecting a 2 cent tax that would have resulted in $77 million annual revenue.

Though, before the Mayor started closing stations and cutting police overtime, maybe he should have stripped the city council of their big SUVs and gas cards...

For a Philadelphia Fireman's take on it...go over to FIRST IN and make sure to watch the two minute really elucidates his point.

This isn't a Philadelphia problem. As unemployment holds strong and deficits soar, these issues will be happening all over the country. We need leaders that are willing to make tough decisions. We need leaders that are willing to sacrifice political kudos for real solutions. We need a miracle.

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