Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Affirmative Action

"I don’t think I should get a job over a white person if I scored a lower mark on the test but if there’s a tie, f*** them. You have 400 years head start motherf*****." -Chris Rock

Chris Rock and I can agree on that. I am completely sympathetic to the effects of slavery that trickled down through the generations. But, truthfully, my family wasn't even here in slave times so why should my children shoulder the burden? I can empathize with both sides of the argument. Though just a part of a comedic bit, Chris Rock offers a solution that I think most people could live with...

If you're wondering why an old Chris Rock monologue popped into my this humid, August morning...I was reading the article about San Fransisco losing its challenge to Affirmative Action:

"The state Supreme Court rejected San Francisco's constitutional challenge to California's ban on race-conscious affirmative action programs Monday, saying the government is not required to allow racial preferences.

But the court gave the city another chance to defend a now-suspended program that gave bidding advantages to minority and female contractors.

The 6-1 ruling was a flashback to the once-burning controversy over Proposition 209, the 1996 initiative that outlawed considerations of race and sex in state and local government employment, contracting and education..." (source)

Affirmative action, reparations or quotas won't fix the unspeakable wrongs that were done to African Americans in this country...what we have to weigh now is if trying to undo past sins will unduly punish generations to come...

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