Monday, August 23, 2010

The 9/11 Hard Hat Pledge

The Man and I had a disagreement over the weekend. We were discussing the 9/11 Mosque-to-be with friends on Friday night and my position was that the unions wouldn't build it. The Man disagreed. He thinks regardless of what they say now, Union bosses will agree and the grunts will be forced to comply. As much as I disdain Union leadership...I feel the guys will hang tough on this one.

This morning I came across an article called "They Won't Build it":

"A growing number of New York construction workers are vowing not to work on the mosque planned near Ground Zero.

"It's a very touchy thing because they want to do this on sacred ground," said Dave Kaiser, 38, a blaster who is working to rebuild the World Trade Center site.

"I wouldn't work there, especially after I found out about what the imam said about U.S. policy being responsible for 9/11," Kaiser said..."

There's even a Hard Hat Pledge floating around cyberspace. It says there is a list of the Unions/Trades that refuse to participate, but I can't seem to find that...

I guess we'll have to wait and see who will prevail in our disagreement. Will the unions cave for the cash...? Stay tuned.

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