Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"You Lie!"

Almost a year ago, when Rep. Joe Wilson yelled "You lie!" to the President, I think we were all a bit stunned (even if we agreed). Now I just wonder if Representative Wilson saw back then what we're all beginning to see now.

The President does seem to have a fibbing issue.

More bluntly, he seems to lie about everything. Now I know that politicians have to fudge details and embellish here and there...but to outright lie...over and over?

About his relationship with Jeremiah Wright, his relationship with William Ayres, about the extent of his involvement with ACORN, about pronouncements he made as a Senator while Bush was at the helm, about not taking money from lobbyists or PAC money, and mainly about having a transparent administration (to name just a few).

Now, yet another fabrication surfaces:

"President Obama joined British Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday in condemning last year's release of the only person convicted in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, but both men stopped short of pledging a full inquiry into how the release unfolded and whether embattled BP executives had anything to do with it..." (source)

"The Lockerbie scandal has just become even murkier. According to a Sunday Times report yesterday “the US government secretly advised Scottish ministers that it would be “far preferable” to free the Lockerbie bomber than jail him in Libya.”

The newspaper obtained a leaked document which reveals that Richard LeBaron, deputy head of the US embassy in London, had written to Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister, ahead of the release of the Lockerbie bomber. The correspondence indicates that the Obama administration’s opposition to the “compassionate” release of the Lockerbie bomber may not have been as clear-cut as it has subsequently claimed..." (source)

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