Wednesday, July 07, 2010

WWJMD? (What Would John Murtha Do?)

The late John Murtha was consistently voted as the most wasteful member of Congress bringing truck fulls of pork back to his district. Least I once again receive a reprimand for maligning the dead...even CBS reported this in 2007:

" the powerful chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, [John Murtha] has dubiously funneled billions of taxpayer dollars to his hard-luck hometown." (source)

So what better to to do in Memorium of Murtha than cripple Pennsylvania with more wasteful spending! And, Governor Ed Rendell has taken up that cause.

As the Keystone State teeters on bankruptcy, Rendell signed "into law a $28.04 billion state budget... An interesting tidbit from the budget deal that almost went unnoticed was that taxpayers will be chipping in tens of millions of dollars for the construction of the John P. Murtha Center for Public Policy and the Arlen Specter Library Project Center. You read that right! The taxpayers will be kicking in $20,000,000 to build monuments to Pennsylvania's Kings of Pork." (source)

Fast Eddie's response to being 'called' on this?

"Speaking to reporters after Tuesday's event, the governor defended the two projects and the capital budget in general as ways to keep Pennsylvanians employed during the recession.

"Both are great construction projects," he said. He called the planned library and policy center "an investment in jobs" and said such public works helped keep Pennsylvania's economy stronger than most states' in the region.

Rendell spokesman Gary Tuma cautioned that neither project is a done deal, and that the money is contingent on the projects' being "shovel ready," and on the two colleges' ability to raise matching funds..." (source)

What don't our politicians understand about the Tea Party movement. Maybe if they stopped listening to Chris Matthews and started listening to the people...they'd understand that this is about FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY and not RACISM!

(H/T: Bob Guzzardi)

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