Monday, July 12, 2010

Still More Ironies in Arizona

As if a State being prosecuted by the Federal Government for upholding the laws of that Government, while states that offer sanctuary to those laws are praised, wasn't strange enough... Then we have the fact that case being prosecuted by someone that defended a indisputable traitor to this country and is related to one of the very people breaking federal immigration law (conflict of interest perhaps?)

On top of all that mess, we have the fact that the Obama Administration (amidst the largest environmental disaster to date) had decided to bring the suit to begin with though most Americans agree with Arizona and 5+ states are seeking to replicate SB 1070. Some surveys have shown as many as 60% of American support the law in Arizona and are opposed to Obama's intervention.

But despite the opposition, the law suit will be brought anyway using the money of those that oppose it.

So, those same taxpayers that are paying for a law they oppose, are now willing to put up more money to fight that law suit...even in these tough economic times. Almost $700,000 has been sent to Governor Jan Brewer's office to aid to the legal fight that awaits.

"New Yorkers are among the most generous donors to a legal defense fund set up to fight President Obama's challenge to Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Nearly 300 New Yorkers have ponied up $11,956 online to the fund that this week had raised almost $700,000, according to numbers compiled by the Arizona Governor's Office.

Donors from only five other states have given more to the effort than New Yorkers. And four of the five states that gave more are on the southern border.,," (source)

If you want to donate to the fight against Eric Holder, Tony West and the Obama Administration and send the message that they can't play politics with border security:

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